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The Cargo Team
Paul Gettis 
Chief Strategist. Cool Dad.

When he's not playing guitar in a local restaurant, Paul is probably helping someone generate leads. With 10+ years of marketing experience, Paul knows digital strategy better than  acoustic singer / songwriter melodies.

Jaeger Mickla-Balan 
Digital Marketing Strategist. Rugged Outdoorsman.

A recent University of Lethbridge graduate and avid photographer, Jaeger is always looking for the next challenge, whether that's searching for the perfect shot, or searching for your perfect leass.

Laura Conron 
Boot-strap Marketer. Self Made Success Story.

A sharp minded problem solver, Laura is always expanding her knowledge. This, combined with her tall stature allows her to both literally and metaphorically jump any hurdle she comes across.

Megan McCaffery 
New Media Guru. Adobe Fangirl.

New media consultant and entrepreneur by day, pro dodgeball player by night. Megan has been surrounded by design since she was old enough to say "Photoshop". 

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You don't reach the summit on optimism alone. At Cargo we don't believe in one-size-fits-all strategies. Your data is imperative delivering big results!

We've climbed those mountains too!
Cargo is full of entrepreneurs who have dealt with the fears, struggles, and successes of running a business. We can relate!   

Our data driven strategies are based on ROI, not expenses. We build strong campaigns that don't break the bank, because we want to share the view from the top with you! 

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See how Cargo helped the Good Earth cafe pack their venue every Friday night with patrons looking to engage live music, wine and food.

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